Real Estate Token AG Announces the Launch of Its Platform

Tallinn, Estonia – Recently, Real Estate Token AG has proudly announced the launch of its platform. The plaform is offering a chance to join hands for economic uplift in Europe while offering the best investments to investors across the world along with multiple bonuses and job opportunities.

Co-Founder & CEO Qendrim Bajraktari is all set to start with the first round of advance sales and construction after the successful establishment of Real Estate Token AG in September 2021.

Real Estate Token (RET) AG is a fin-tech-based real estate investment and development company that provides the opportunity to create high-quality construction projects in developing countries of Europe. RET AG aims to foster positive, collaborative, and sustainable development to nurture our community while benefiting investors with a high return on investments (ROI). All projects are aligned with western standards, and procurement of top-quality raw materials is ensured.

RET AG team has a special connection with property developers and landowners in the Balkan region, mainly Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, and Bosnia. This cooperation will enable them to make actual, sustainable developments in the area and raise the quality of life for the population. The company’s first construction project will be the development of an apartment block with 48 parties and several shops in the capital of Kosovo, Pristina, and the construction and sales time for which will be around 24-27 months.

RET aims to expand residential buildings and then schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. Moreover, it donates 10% of its profits to needy parts of the social systems in developing countries.

Real estate token represents the company’s value, which will increase steadily as more construction projects are completed. With the purchase of RET buyer supports to further development of emerging countries in Europe. The company itself holds 15% tokens, but they are not tradable till January 2026. However, they will issue 10% tokens in private and pre-sale rounds and 50% more in 2023.

After completing the first round of advance sales and the start of construction, the company plans the first investor events in Germany in March 2022 to further pre-sales rounds and elevate its online presence. Moreover, RET AG will conduct the final pre-sale round and sale of the first apartments in September 2022, during which it will also prepare listings on stock exchanges. After which 25% of net profits will be re-invested in token cashback on the deals.

RET AG will also offer a direct referral bonus for all token buyers and career opportunities in the whole sales team responsible for acquiring new customers and expanding the vision to participate in the growing success.

Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer Kay Schiefner shared, “We have created a company that provides investment opportunities to investors across the world while aiding with infrastructure expansion in developing countries. We are aiming to create a reliable real estate service in developing countries of Europe.”

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About Team

Real Estate Token AG’s leadership team consists of seasoned finance and technology professionals, sharing a common aim to expand access to the construction industry. This achievement will enable business owners to fight against poverty and maximize individual profits. The Co-Founding team includes CEO-Qendrim Bajraktari, CFO-Michael Eicke, and CSO-Kay Schiefner, while marketing and technical operations are led by weathered Sabine Späth and Ismail Akin, respectively.

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