Revolutionizing Blockchain Security: Bunzz Launches AI-Powered Smart Contract Audits

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE – 11/04/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a significant leap forward for blockchain security, Singapore’s innovative web3 and AI tech startup, Bunzz, is pioneering the future of smart contract audits with the launch of its groundbreaking service, “Bunzz Audit.” This service is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of smart contract auditing, providing developers with a rapid, affordable, and insightful analysis of their contracts. By examining contracts from more than 100 unique angles, leveraging both AI technology and an extensive pattern database, Bunzz Audit aims to redefine the standards of smart contract security in the blockchain realm.

Challenges in Traditional Smart Contract Audits: An Overdue Revolution

The blockchain industry, heralded for its innovation and disruption across various sectors, finds its foundation in the security and reliability of smart contracts. These contracts automate transactions and agreements, executing them exactly as programmed without any need for a central authority. However, this groundbreaking technology is not without its vulnerabilities, exposed to potential attacks that could compromise user assets.

Traditionally, smart contract audits are vital for identifying and mitigating these risks. Yet, the existing landscape of smart contract auditing is fraught with challenges that diminish its effectiveness and accessibility:

Prohibitive Costs: Fees for audits by established firms range wildly from $10,000 to over $1 million, placing a significant financial burden on developers.

A Focus on Endorsements Over Security: The industry’s emphasis on obtaining a “seal of approval” from well-known audit firms often overshadows the fundamental goal of enhancing security.

Delays in Launches: The lengthy auditing process can significantly delay the launch of projects or token listings, hampering developers’ timelines.

Variable Quality: The accuracy of audit reports and communication costs can vary, depending on the personnel involved in the audit, leading to inconsistent quality levels.

Bunzz Audit: A Novel Approach Using AI

In response to these challenges, Bunzz has developed “Bunzz Audit,” a service leveraging AI to streamline and enhance the audit process. The service uses an AI-driven approach to scan contracts from over 100 perspectives, utilizing a vast database of known vulnerability patterns. This method not only increases the speed and reduces the cost of audits but also offers actionable insights for security enhancements, ensuring that developers have the tools they need to improve their smart contract security.

The open beta of Bunzz Audit, launched in January, garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, leading to the official release of the service. By providing a more accessible, efficient, and comprehensive audit process, Bunzz Audit represents a significant advancement in blockchain security practices.

The AI Advantage in Smart Contract Audits

Bunzz Audit’s approach divides the audit process into two main tasks:

Pattern Recognition: The service compares client contracts against a database of known vulnerabilities, efficiently identifying potential security issues.

Logic and Operational Consistency Checks: Beyond pattern recognition, Bunzz Audit offers the option of a more in-depth review by professional auditors, covering project-specific logic and potential operational inconsistencies.

This dual approach ensures thorough coverage, from standard vulnerability checks to complex, project-specific analysis. Bunzz believes that combining a database with AI for the first task significantly outperforms traditional methods, reducing the chance of human error and oversight.

Promotional Offer and Invitation to Experience Bunzz Audit

To celebrate the launch of Bunzz Audit, Bunzz is currently offering a 10% discount code, making the service available for $1,791 USD. This price remains constant regardless of the project’s size or the level of vulnerabilities discovered, positioning Bunzz Audit as an unparalleled value proposition in the market.

About Bunzz

Bunzz is a leader in the intersection of web3 and AI technologies, operating Asia’s largest DApps development infrastructure. The company is committed to providing a range of web3 infrastructure and services, aiming to make smart contracts a public good. Bunzz is backed by a prestigious group of shareholders, including Arriba Studio, Coincheck Labs, DG Daiwa Ventures, and many others, underscoring its position as a pioneering force in the web3 space.


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