Unveils Revolutionary USDN and Cross-Chain Swap Module in Latest AMA

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND – 29/05/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a significant move that underscores its rapid ascension in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, has released its second AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, capturing widespread attention and achieving an impressive 145,000 views on X within the first 12 hours. The founders of took this opportunity to delve deeply into the platform’s future plans, introduce their innovative synthetic dollar, USDN, and unveil their highly acclaimed swap module. The AMA can be viewed on Twitter.

Exploring the Future of’s Ecosystem

During the AMA, the founders detailed several pivotal developments that will shape’s trajectory. The platform’s unique approach to transforming impermanent loss into impermanent gain stands out as a revolutionary concept, offering substantial benefits to liquidity providers and other DeFi participants. This innovation is driving a rapid increase in total value locked (TVL) and a surge in user engagement, positioning as a formidable leader in the DeFi space.

Introducing USDN: A Revolutionary Synthetic Dollar

One of the most eagerly awaited announcements was the introduction of USDN, a groundbreaking synthetic dollar based on Delta Neutral principles. Unlike traditional stablecoins, USDN is designed to maintain stability and value through a fully decentralized mechanism. This synthetic dollar offers a robust alternative to centralized stablecoins like Ethena USDe, boasting superior security and efficiency. USDN aims to provide a reliable store of value, perfectly aligning with the decentralized ethos of DeFi and expected to gain significant traction among users.

The Highly Acclaimed Swap Module and Cross-Chain Capabilities’s swap module has been recognized as one of the best in the world, providing unparalleled efficiency and reliability. The platform has also recently published a cross-chain update, enabling seamless token swaps across different blockchains. This major advancement significantly enhances the user experience, offering greater flexibility and interoperability within the DeFi ecosystem. Users can now enjoy a more integrated and versatile trading environment, further solidifying’s position as a leading DeFi platform.

Strategic Partnerships and Ecosystem Integrations

The AMA session also highlighted the strategic importance of partnerships in expanding’s ecosystem. Recently, has been integrated with major DeFi platforms such as 1inch, which has enhanced its liquidity and accessibility. These collaborations are crucial for building a more interconnected and resilient DeFi network, providing users with unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation. By leveraging these strategic alliances, continues to expand its reach and influence within the DeFi community.

Fostering Community Engagement and Growth

Community engagement remains at the core of’s strategy. The AMA underscored the platform’s ongoing commitment to fostering a vibrant and active user base. New initiatives and reward programs are being introduced to incentivize participation and support from the community, ensuring sustainable development and mutual benefits. By actively involving its user base, is not only enhancing user experience but also driving forward its mission of financial inclusion and decentralized innovation.

Commitment to Innovation, Security, and Financial Inclusion

As progresses, the focus remains steadfast on driving innovation, enhancing security, and promoting financial inclusion. The release of USDN and the insights shared during the AMA represent significant milestones in’s journey towards revolutionizing decentralized finance. With its unique solutions and strategic vision, is well-positioned to lead the next wave of growth and innovation in the DeFi sector.

About is at the forefront of DeFi innovation, addressing the critical issue of impermanent loss with groundbreaking solutions. The platform offers innovative features for liquidity providers and emphasizes decentralization, security, and user-centric design. As a rapidly growing ecosystem, is set to lead the charge in the next phase of DeFi growth and innovation.

For more information, visit’s official website and follow their social media channels to stay updated on the latest developments.


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