South Korean Company Qfora Alliance to Launch “Mellonvus,” a Metaverse-Based Online/Offline/XR Shopping Mall

SEOUL, KOREA / November 04, 2021 / Recently, Qfora Alliance announced that it opened the interactive metaverse-based flagship “Mellonvus” in Gangnam, Seoul in October this year.

The offline store, which will open first followed by an XR-based online mall, will offer interactive experience of their metaverse, and sell food, beverage, and lifestyle goods starting October.

According to the company, the flagship will launch along with a regular version of the online Mellonvus, with plans to release an XR-integrated version by this year.

The Gangnam Mellonvus flagship will have products ranging from food and beverages, apparel, to teddy bears and more, while also providing an immersive corner to experience fashion and beauty curation.

It will also have an AR(Augmented Reality) service allowing products unavailable at the offline store to be accessed and ordered through a tablet. The company plans to offer more than just a shopping space, including space for VR to provide a diverse set of metaverse content.

Qfora, which had started off as a curation business for beauty-fashion utilizing Big Data and AI, has announced that they will extend their services to include metaverse-based culture-commerce with launching of “Mellonvus.”

Prior to the service extension, the company has been providing beauty-fashion solutions for consumers and businesses with over 400,000 people’s data in their database, and has drawn public attention with launching of “K-fashion show” on a recent metaverse platform run by Microsoft.

A company associate has also stated, “With expertise in big data and AI, we are preparing for a metaverse-based medical service and more diverse content, which can all be experienced through a separate service currently in progress.”

As projects are still underway, Qfora plans to provide more details on Mellonvus during their opening event and through press release.


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SOURCE: Qfora alliance