SPACE INVADERS™ Reborn: A New Dimension in Gaming on WOWCube® System

SARASOTA, FL – 20/05/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an exhilarating fusion of classic arcade gaming and cutting-edge technology, WOWCube® System and TAITO have come together to unveil an innovative version of the timeless arcade classic: SPACE INVADERS™ Cubed Edition. This novel rendition not only breathes new life into the beloved 1978 title but also revolutionizes it by integrating digital gameplay with a hands-on, tactile puzzle experience.

Revolutionary Gaming Experience with a Classic Twist

SPACE INVADERS™ has long held a cherished place in the hearts of gamers across the globe, capturing the imagination of multiple generations since its inception. Known for its simple yet addictive gameplay, SPACE INVADERS™ became synonymous with video gaming in the arcade era. Today, the game is poised to capture hearts once more through its reinvention for the WOWCube® System—a state-of-the-art gaming console that transforms traditional video game interaction into a 3D spatial experience. This new edition invites players to physically twist and turn the cube to defend against the ever-encroaching alien horde, offering a blend of physical and digital gameplay that is as innovative as it is nostalgic.

Endorsements from Industry Legends

The reimagined game has garnered praise from none other than Nolan Bushnell, the legendary founder of Atari. Bushnell has expressed his admiration for the WOWCube® System’s ability to elevate gaming to a form of interactive art. “The WOWCube® System doesn’t just let you play games—it lets you experience them in an entirely new dimension,” said Bushnell. His endorsement underscores the unique and transformative nature of this gaming platform.

Exclusive Preview for Enthusiasts

For those eager to get their hands on this revolutionary device, the WOWCube® System offers a special privilege. Early adopters who have preordered the console will find the SPACE INVADERS™ Cubed Edition already preloaded on their devices. This exclusive early access allows users a first-hand glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment, setting the stage for countless hours of engaging, innovative play.

Innovative Design and Extensive Game Library

The WOWCube® System itself is a marvel of modern game design technology. Comprising 24 interconnected screens spread over 8 separate modules, the device operates fluidly without the need for physical buttons, creating a seamless and immersive gaming experience. With a library of over 60 brain-stimulating games, the WOWCube® System is designed to challenge and delight players of all ages, blending physical dexterity with mental strategy.

Continuing the Legacy of SPACE INVADERS™

From its original release in 1978 by TAITO CORPORATION, SPACE INVADERS™ has evolved from a pioneering arcade game into a cultural icon, celebrated on countless platforms and recognized worldwide. As the holder of exclusive global intellectual property rights for SPACE INVADERS and its characters, TAITO continues to expand and diversify the brand, ensuring its relevance and appeal in a rapidly changing entertainment landscape.

SOURCE: Wow Cube

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