Straato Launches Novel Digital Asset Marketplace

NEW YORK, NY , May 19, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – “Why can’t an asset exist that only increases in value? Can such an asset be created?” These were the questions posed by the founders of Straato LLC, a startup digital asset company. The founders believe that the digital asset movement of the last decade has demonstrated that something’s financial value is derived solely from demand or what someone else is willing to pay for it. This notion presented a solution to developing the founders’ goal of creating an asset that only goes up in price and now serves as the guiding principle behind Straato LLC’s debut product, the Straato Marketplace.

The launch of the Straato Marketplace emphasizes the beliefs of the company and its founders that an asset that only goes up through trading can and should exist. Making it a reality was the only challenge left. The Straato Marketplace is a centralized, cyclical, strategic marketplace that facilitates the exchange of digital assets, called “Straato”, that exclusively increase in value through trading.

Straato assets are uniform and are maintained in a centralized database managed by the marketplace, which operates with two main components, the offer queue and the reset. The offer queue governs the exchange of assets between users. Users submit offers to sell their Straato assets via the offer queue, which stipulates that new offers always increase in price. In this way, the price of Straato can only increase during a given period of trading. Users may purchase available Straato that has been placed on the queue.

A marketplace reset happens when the supply or demand for assets falls below a specific threshold. The reset ensures that trading can continue in future cycles. After a reset is triggered, trading pauses for a brief period of time during which the price of Straato is reset. When the new cycle begins, trading restarts, demonstrating the cyclical nature of the Marketplace. If any Straato is held through the reset, users will have a chance to recoup losses in the new trading cycle.

But the Straato Marketplace isn’t just a high-risk, high-reward economy. It offers a unique combination of trading with notable thought puzzles, such as the prisoners’ dilemma, a game theory problem. Therefore, as the company grows, it hopes to build a vibrant community of users to discuss, debate, and share strategies.

The Straato Marketplace launched May 14, 2023. To connect with the team, visit them online at or on Instagram and TikTok at @realstraato.

About Straato

Straato LLC was founded in January 2023, and its primary product, the Straato Marketplace, launched May 2023. The Straato Marketplace is a centralized, cyclical marketplace for the exchange of novel digital assets called “Straato”. The Marketplace strives to offer users a challenging and exciting digital trading experience.

To learn more about the Straato Marketplace, read the official User Guide or contact:

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