Term Structure Spotlights Cutting-Edge Zero Knowledge Rollup Innovations at Sold-Out “ZK Roast-Up” Event

Taipei, Taiwan – Dec 23, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Term Structure, a pioneering non-custodial fixed-income protocol enabling peer-to-peer fixed-rate lending and borrowing, recently hosted the buzzworthy “ZK Roast-Up: Unleash the Power of ZK Rollups” event before a rapt audience of over 250 attendees. Co-hosted alongside HashKey Capital, BTQ, Zomma Protocol, and Polygon Labs, and sponsored by StarkNet and Reddio, the event put the spotlight on the latest advancements and trends surrounding Zero-Knowledge (ZK) rollup technology and its potential to scale decentralized finance.

In his opening remarks, Term Structure CEO and co-founder Jerry Li challenged the audience to envision how fixed-income protocols could harness zk-rollups to drive innovation. The event featured an array of speakers spanning founders, CTOs, scientists, heads of business development, investment managers, researchers, engineers, and academics. Keynote topics included zkTrue-up design, StarkNet Appchains, cryptographic solvency proofs for CEXs, and mobile proving methods. Additionally, expert panel discussions explored current and prospective applications and research frontiers for ZK-rollups.

The tremendous turnout and engagement highlight the growing promise of this technology to enhance efficiency and scalability across blockchain networks. By aggregating and securely submitting transaction data to the chain, ZK-rollups lower gas fees and accelerate transaction speeds, enabling more efficient and cost-effective trading. As trailblazers in the space, Term Structure developed zkTrue-up, a custom ZK-rollup optimized for fixed-income protocols like itself that rely on auction and order book mechanisms to match orders. This scaling solution allows gas-free order placements and cancellations while maintaining data availability. It also empowers users to initiate Forced Withdrawals via the zkTrue-up contract under conditions like censorship. If issues emerge, users can trigger Evacuation Mode to perform an L1 contract evacuation to safeguard assets.

With Term Structure’s mainnet launch anticipated in 2024, the protocol remains committed to continuous upgrades to its tailored ZK-rollup and cultivating deeper understanding of this technology and fixed-rate products. Follow Term Structure on social media for the latest updates.

Media Contact: Kristen Peng

SOURCE: Asiacryptos

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