Twentysix Cloud: Pioneering the Decentralized Frontier of Cloud Computing

PARIS, FRANCE – 29/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a transformative stride towards revolutionizing the landscape of cloud computing, Twentysix Cloud emerges as the forefront decentralized cloud marketplace, driven by’s groundbreaking Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN). This pioneering initiative signifies a pivotal advancement in amalgamating decentralized cloud solutions with the escalating requisites for computational resources. proudly unveils the inauguration of its ingenious hub, Twentysix Cloud, a decentralized cloud marketplace that extends a comprehensive array of blockchain-based services encompassing storage, computing engines, indexing, and AI solutions tailored for businesses and applications. Orchestrated on the network, Twentysix Cloud guarantees a secure, resilient, and transparent user experience, setting an unprecedented benchmark for contemporary cloud infrastructures powered by a multitude of independent nodes across the globe.

The decentralized architecture of Twentysix Cloud meticulously caters to the evolving needs of businesses and developers, providing a versatile environment for an extensive spectrum of applications. This robust framework seamlessly interconnects on-chain and off-chain data, eliminating centralized points of failure and fortifying the system against potential disruptions.

Twentysix Cloud has embraced a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model, granting users the flexibility to pay solely for the resources they consume. This innovative approach not only ensures cost-effectiveness due to the distributed nature of resources but also introduces payment flexibility in ALEPH, the native token of the network, or stablecoins. The system, charging by the millisecond, leverages Avalanche C-chain and Superfluid, offering optimal payment solutions.

To augment its integration with EVM blockchains like Avalanche, Twentysix Cloud facilitates global streaming payments, fostering a seamless Pay-As-You-Go payment system. This enhancement ensures fluid operation across node operators who independently contribute to maintaining and securing the network.

Jonathan Schemoul, co-founder and CEO of, expressed, “Twentysix Cloud presents a diverse array of products for companies seeking alternative solutions to traditional cloud services. With the introduction of our Pay-As-You-Go model, we eagerly welcome more businesses and developers, providing accessible entry to a complete Web3 cloud platform. Our product, incorporating DeFi components, aims to facilitate stablecoin transactions and incorporate fiat gateways for enhanced usability.”

Jonathan added, “Our mission is to contribute to the open-cloud industry, fostering innovation across the space by providing novel avenues to build, deploy, and scale more effective models for AI. By opening up this technology, we extend decentralized AI’s virtual agents and conversational AI products to all users in a confidential manner.”

In addition to its advanced capabilities, Twentysix Cloud and proudly adhere to GDPR compliance, ensuring the security of stakers’ personal data and preserving their ownership rights over uploaded documents and metadata. These are securely stored across Twentysix Cloud’s decentralized storage infrastructure, spanning 80+ core channel nodes and 250+ compute resource nodes.

About Twentysix Cloud

Twentysix Cloud stands as a cross-chain cloud solution powered by the decentralized network, granting developers access to databases, computing power, and file storage. It ensures operational resilience for applications, particularly in AI, DeFi, and gaming industries. Since its inception in 2020, its marketplace Instances and Micro-Virtual Machines have been instrumental in providing scalable, high-performance resources across various blockchains.

About, a decentralized physical infrastructure network, empowers developers and businesses to construct applications with robust features through a network of interconnected nodes responsible for the security and functionality of the peer-to-peer network. Core Channel Nodes (CCN) play a pivotal role in network control and governance, while Compute Resource Nodes (CRN) provide distributed secure computing power and storage, ensuring enhanced privacy, security, and control over data and applications.


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