Unizen Unveils Groundbreaking Updates: Revolutionizing Decentralized Finance

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – 06/05/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a groundbreaking development that marks a paradigm shift in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), Unizen proudly introduces two monumental updates: Enhanced Ethereum Gas Optimization and ULDMv3. These revolutionary advancements signal a new era of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ushering in a transformative era for DeFi traders.

Elevating Efficiency with Enhanced Ethereum Gas Optimization

Unizen’s latest update, Enhanced Ethereum Gas Optimization, heralds a significant reduction in Ethereum transaction costs, benefiting all users with a substantial 40-50% decrease, while integrators enjoy an even more impressive 60-70% reduction. By simplifying transaction processes, this optimization not only democratizes decentralized trading but also slashes overhead costs, empowering traders to operate with unprecedented freedom and cost-efficiency.

ULDMv3: Pioneering Liquidity Distribution

ULDMv3, the third iteration of Unizen’s Liquidity Distribution Mechanism, represents a monumental leap forward in the execution of trades on the platform. This isn’t merely an incremental improvement; it’s a complete overhaul designed to revolutionize the trading framework. Unizen’s CTO, Martin Granström, hails ULDMv3 as a “game-changing liquidity revolution that sets new industry standards.”

Key Enhancements in ULDMv3:

Accelerated Quote Speeds: ULDMv3 delivers lightning-fast quote retrieval and trade execution, minimizing latency and ensuring real-time trading efficiency.

Reduced Gas Costs: Building upon Unizen’s competitive gas fee structure, ULDMv3 optimizes underlying algorithms to further slash costs, especially beneficial during periods of high network congestion.

Cross-chain Trade Splitting: Facilitating seamless token swaps across different blockchains, ULDMv3 maximizes token output and trade efficiency.

Enhanced Token Routing: Automatic selection of optimal paths for token transfers ensures users receive the best rates and outputs, reducing slippage and maximizing returns.

Machine Learning Integration: ULDMv3 harnesses the power of machine learning to continuously refine trading strategies based on market conditions, ensuring adaptive and efficient trade executions.

The development of ULDMv3, spanning nearly a year, underscores Unizen’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. This upgrade not only optimizes technical trading mechanics but also introduces dynamic, self-improving algorithms that adapt to real-time market dynamics.

Unizen: Pioneering DeFi Excellence

With these transformative updates, Unizen reaffirms its leadership in the DeFi space, empowering its community with unparalleled trading tools. These enhancements promise to deliver unmatched value to Unizen’s users and set new benchmarks in decentralized trading efficiency.

Explore the Future of DeFi with Unizen

Experience the power of these upgrades through our web-based application at www.zcx.com or download our recently released mobile app on the Google Play Store.

The ZCX Token: Maximizing Trading Potential

$ZCX, the core token of Unizen, enhances the trading experience and offers users the opportunity to earn passive income through the platform’s Earn feature. Integrating $ZCX into Unizen’s upcoming Layer 1 solution represents a significant advancement, embedding the token deeper within the ecosystem to enhance transaction processes and governance mechanisms.

Unizen’s Layer 1 Blockchain: Redefining Decentralized Transactions

Unizen’s strategic development of its own Layer 1 blockchain, currently in stealth mode, aims to broaden its applicability and potential user base by supporting programmable and non-programmable chains. This blockchain facilitates interoperability among different blockchain technologies within Unizen’s ecosystem, driving wider adoption and easier access to web3 technologies.

About Unizen:

Unizen is a pioneering DEX Aggregator with comprehensive omni-chain access and UTXO support, offering unparalleled returns on decentralized trades industry-wide.

SOURCE: Unizen

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