Unveiling TRFFC: SpookyGood and JSG Join Forces Against Human Trafficking

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – 25/04/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a landmark announcement today, it was revealed that the esteemed cyber intelligence firm SpookyGood and the renowned investigations leader Justice Solutions Group (JSG) have merged, ushering in a new era of collaboration and innovation. Alongside this merger, they have unveiled their pioneering non-profit crypto project, TRFFC, on the Solana blockchain, with a bold mission to combat human trafficking.

SpookyGood, Justice Solutions Group (JSG), and TRFFC Logos

“This marks a pivotal moment for us,” remarked CEO Josh Chandler of JSG. “By joining forces, we are amplifying our capabilities across investigations, cyber intelligence, blockchain, and risk consulting. Furthermore, with TRFFC, we are embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to tackle human trafficking in ways previously unexplored.”

With its headquarters in California, JSG has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, attracting clients in various sectors including insurance investigations, corporate intelligence, risk management, and due diligence for venture capital and private equity firms. Chandler, a former law enforcement officer and security director, emphasized the burgeoning opportunities in the cybersecurity and specialized investigations industry. “The rise in organized retail and cargo theft, insurance and financial fraud, and cyber incidents necessitates a more robust response. This merger positions us to better serve our clients across corporate and governmental domains, with enhanced tools and expedited solutions,” Chandler asserted.

Kyeson Utley, the visionary founder of SpookyGood based in Austin, Texas, and now the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Justice Solutions Group, concurred. “Our collaboration transcends mere resource integration; it signifies a paradigm shift in service delivery for legal teams, corporate risk departments, and public safety agencies. TRFFC epitomizes our commitment to harnessing blockchain technology for societal good.”

SpookyGood has observed a surge in demand for its expertise in blockchain investigations, crypto asset recovery, and support for law enforcement in crime analysis and training. Utley highlighted the strategic advantage of leveraging JSG’s experience in scaling operations efficiently, as evidenced by their client portal OnTrial. “The synergy between SpookyGood and JSG is undeniable. This merger enables us to enhance our service offerings while catering to a broader clientele,” Utley remarked.

For Chandler, TRFFC represents a strategic imperative. “We sought to make a significant impact and showcase our proficiency in blockchain technology. TRFFC is not merely a token; it’s a testament to our commitment to empowering a global network dedicated to justice,” Chandler emphasized.

With plans to introduce NFT collections supporting real-life human intelligence operators and OSINT investigators, along with opportunities for token staking and long-term investment, TRFFC aims to provide essential support to frontline agents. These digital assets symbolize more than just monetary value; they represent tangible support for those combating human trafficking.

“We believe that our endeavors with TRFFC will serve as a blueprint for the transformative potential of cryptocurrency,” Utley asserted confidently. “Our vision knows no bounds, and we are excited to embark on this journey.”

SOURCE: Justice Solutions Group

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