VOOZCLUB Announces Entry into WEB3 Business

Seoul, Korea – VOOZCLUB, founded by Calvin Kim, recently announced its entry into the WEB3 business. Pucca, Canimals and Adoonga, these are characters from South Korea created by a global IP artist named Calvin Kim, founder of character branding company Voozclub.

In 1999, the very first introduction of Pucca was held and it got spread among 170 countries across the world through Warner Bros. and Walt Disney. Based on such a successful global marketing strategy for Pucca, VOOZCLUB was able to introduce Canimals and Adoonga to the world. With their backgrounds, they have not only made globally famous characters but also taken on a role as one of the leading character branding companies in South Korea.

Besides generating their own characters, VOOZCLUB also co-operates with multiple companies to create a character that symbolizes and represents each company with its own identity. People can find more detailed information on their website.

Should grant NFT holders the right to derive work

The Founder of VOOZCLUB, Calvin Kim has once said “Characters are not just designs but an actual living organism” will now be taking another step forward to join the Web3 business. As an artist, Calvin has designed numerous characters and within that there are globally famous characters such as Pucca, Canimals, Adoonga, etc. that represent his identity.

He believes that the most important part of the Web3 based IP Build Up Phase is to give access to NFT holders to build their own worldview backed up by the case of how YUGA LABS granted holders both commercial rights and copyrights after taking over CryptoPunk and Meebits. Starting with the Canimals, Calvin is planning to evolve different characters to IP that can interact with each other.

About Canimals

Based on 6 lovely characters with an exciting storyline, Canimal came out of the surface in 2009. Just like the name, the body of Canimal is based on a can as the name is a combination of two words: “Can” and “Animal”

More than 100 episodes in two seasons have been broadcasted globally in partnership with Netflix and Disney so far, Canimals have been showing their identity in different fields such as animation, brand collaboration, musical, etc. for the past decade. And now, they are getting ready for a new challenge which is based on Web3.


With the start of Canimals, other IPs owned by VOOZCLUB will continue to grow and spread through the both NFT holders and artists instead of being depended only by artists.

This is where people need to change their perspective and think of IP as one big platform where everyone can join.

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Telephone: +82-10-6891-3012

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