Warden Protocol Unleashed: QRDO Foundation and EQ LAB Redefine Blockchain Interoperability

CAYMAN ISLANDS – 02/02/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a groundbreaking move for the QRDO ecosystem, the QRDO Foundation has forged a strategic alliance with EQ LAB, a prominent blockchain developer lab, to herald the advent of the Warden Protocol. This collaborative venture serves as a catalyst for the imminent launch of the Warden Protocol, an intent-centric interoperability protocol rooted in Cosmos and grounded in the Fusionchain primitive.

Unveiling the Warden Protocol’s Innovation

At its core, the Warden Protocol stands as a modular, intent-centric blockchain founded on the Cosmos-SDK. It empowers users to establish Spaces and Wallets across diverse blockchains, administering their actions through on-chain intents. The protocol facilitates the construction of intricate multi-leg transactions and shields cross-chain activities through sophisticated intents, all rigorously enforced on-chain by the Warden Protocol.

For the innovators in this space, Warden introduces the capability to deploy smart contracts on Cosmos using Solidity and WebAssembly. Moreover, it fosters a modular marketplace for key management solutions, ranging from HSM solutions to multi-party computation providers.

A spokesperson for the QRDO Foundation commented, “The Warden Protocol signifies the next stage in intent and interoperability primitives. Collaborating with the EQ LAB team propels us toward this ambitious vision, ensuring that QRDO token holders witness the realization of a genuinely decentralized and open, intent-centric interoperability and key management protocol.”

Pledges of Support from Diverse Applications

Numerous applications have pledged their support to deploy on Warden, including EQ.finance, a liquid staking hub for Cosmos; WARDD, a USD-pegged decentralized stablecoin; Marginly, a pluggable protocol for decentralized funding pools enabling margin trading on any spot DEX; and SpaceWard, a SAFE-like platform for wallet management and governance.

EQ LAB assumes the role of core contributor to the Warden Protocol, contributing a substantial team of 15 core developers to the initiative. Alex Melikhov, founder of EQ LAB, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to play a crucial role as Core Contributors in establishing the Warden Protocol. As a seasoned team of qualified blockchain developers, we foresee a bright future in the Cosmos ecosystem and anticipate unlocking incredible value for both the existing QRDO and Q token holder communities.”

Introduction of the WARD Token

The Warden Protocol plans to introduce the WARD token through a fair launch mechanism, devoid of any pre-mine or investor allocations. Eligibility for an airdrop and incentivized WARD-swap extends first to existing QRDO holders. TIA and ATOM stakers, along with builders and users from complementary protocols and chains, will also be eligible. Further details on the launch will be disclosed shortly.

The Alfama testnet is set to go live in the coming weeks, accompanied by details for an incentivized testnet to be published shortly.

For more information:

Warden Protocol

Warden Protocol, a novel modular intent-based blockchain based on CosmosSDK, enabling secure cross-chain exploration and development.

Contact: pr@wardenprotocol.org

Website: www.wardenprotocol.org

About EQ LAB

EQ LAB, an adept software engineering house specializing in permissionless applications and protocols, acts as a technology partner in various projects on Cosmos, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polkadot, and other blockchain platforms.

Contact: hello@eqlab.io

Website: www.eqlab.io

About QRDO Foundation

QRDO Foundation, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open custody, security, and interoperability protocols, nurturing the value of the QRDO ecosystem.


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