Zisre Tech Begins Crowdfunding to Develop Revolutionary Robotics to Support People with Physical Disabilities

Glasgow, Scottland, June 29, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Zisre Tech, a robotics company dedicated to creating affordable robotic technology for the average household, has begun the next phase of development in robotics designed to assist those living with physical disabilities. For Zisre to complete the next stage in development, a crowdfunding effort has been created to raise awareness for the development and research phase of the project and help bring in support to provide the funds they need to complete the work.

The development, research, and advances made within the robotic industry are designed to enhance everyday life in the home and workplace. However, robotics technology is not an affordable option for many households worldwide. Zisre Tech lays out a roadmap over the next two years dedicated to help get robots in the homes of people who need them the most, those living with physical disabilities unable to complete daily tasks. The affordability of Zisre Tech’s enhanced robots and inventive use of materials will make this possible.

Once they are ready to market, these advanced robots will be affordable for the average person. They are designed to be able to perform tasks that may be challenging for many people living with disabilities to complete on their own. Advanced robots can complete tasks such as cooking and cleaning to support the daily routine involved in running a home.

For the research and development phase, Zisre Tech needs a total of 45% of the first round of funding to complete the research into the movements, AI tech, and materials required to make the robots. The funding will also allow them to develop advanced arms with the ability to complete the requested tasks. Thorough testing will be completed before licenses are requested to take the robots to the market for the general public. Once licenses are obtained, Zisre Tech will begin manufacturing the life-changing robots.

People can support Zisre Tech’s robotic technologies by making contributions through support contributions, donation contributions, zero-interest loan contributions, or reward contributions. People can make a simple contribution if they want to support the funding efforts without receiving their money back. People can also provide support through one of the many options that give their funds back after the company becomes profitable or after a specified time.

Through the donation contributions, any amount donated plus an additional 15% will be donated to local charities once the company becomes profitable. For those participating in the reward contribution, Zisre Tech will give their contribution plus an additional 15% to them as spending rewards to use on products once their robots are ready to go to market. People can support by applying for a zero-interest loan where they will receive their funds back within 36-60 months.

About Zisre Tech

Zisre Tech, established in 2018, has put together a team of dedicated individuals committed to creating cost-effective robotics to help simplify life around the home for the average person and provide assistance for those that need it most. Zisre Tech’s robotics are made possible through the support from the community and continuing contributions that make it possible to develop the future of robotics.

Learn more about Zisre Tech by visiting https://www.zisretech.com/

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