Asian Tech Startups Target Japan Market via SeaPRwire Press Release Services

SINGAPORE – SeaPRwire, a leading press release distribution platform, has launched a new Media-Empower-Pack as part of its Branding-Insight Program to help companies improve their earned media strategy in the Japan market.

The Media-Empower-Pack includes global press release distribution to over 8,000 media outlets and industry contacts, with support for multimedia content and unlimited word count. Press releases can be published in 17 languages, including English, French, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Malay, Thai, Italian, Russian and more.

A key component of the Media-Empower-Pack is SeaPRwire’s proprietary media database that is updated in real-time. Customers can click on individual contacts to view their information such as name, phone number and email address to enable highly targeted outreach. The system also allows users to create and manage custom media lists tailored to their company’s needs that can be edited or merged as required.

“Earned media is one of the most effective ways to improve brand visibility and website traffic, but it requires a strategic approach based on high quality content and relationships with media contacts,” said James Scott, Chief Strategy Officer at SeaPRwire.

“Our Media-Empower-Pack equips companies with the tools and information they need to successfully secure media coverage in the Japan market and maximize return on their marketing spend.”

Advanced Metrics for Measuring Success

The Media-Empower-Pack comes with SeaPRwire’s proprietary analytics dashboard that tracks press release performance in real-time across hundreds of online news outlets. The detailed tracking reports show pick-up by media outlets and engagement metrics, allowing customers to quantify results.

“One area we see companies struggle with press releases is measuring success beyond vague ‘improvements’ in brand awareness,” explained Scott. “Our advanced tracking technology gives definitive metrics on online visibility, website traffic, backlinks and more.”

According to Scott, SeaPRwire customers using the Media-Empower-Pack have achieved impressive results when targeting the Japan market:

l  Increased pick-up by Japan-based media outlets by 42% year-over-year

l  33% higher website referral traffic from media outlets

l  15% more backlinks earned per press release

“For companies serious about expanding their presence in Japan, an effective earned media and PR strategy is critical,” said Scott. “Our tools provide the visibility and metrics needed to justify the marketing spend and dial in campaigns over time.”

Strategic Press Release Writing & Distribution

While having the right tools is important, creating compelling content that resonates with media outlets and industry influencers is what ultimately drives success.

As part of the Media-Empower-Pack, SeaPRwire offers professional press release writing and strategic distribution services to ensure content hits the mark.

“We work closely with our customers to understand their target audience, brand positioning and what makes their product or service unique,” Scott explained. “With this insight, our writers craft engaging press releases optimized for search and built to earn media pick up.”

Once the press release is complete, SeaPRwire leverages its past performance data and proprietary algorithms to determine the best distribution strategy.

“Sending a press release out to every outlet often dilutes the results,” said Scott. “We take a targeted approach, distributing to the media contacts and industry lists most likely to pick up the news based on past success.”

Long Term Brand Building Through Earned Media

While press releases can drive immediate visibility and website traffic gains, they also serve an important long-term brand building function.

“Think of earned media exposure as making deposits into your brand equity account over time,” Scott suggested. “Consistent high-quality coverage builds authority and trust – which pays dividends for years.”

Scott pointed to a recent example, SpotMix, a Singapore-based music distribution startup that utilized SeaPRwire’s services to boost visibility in Japan over the past 2 years.

“In 2021, SpotMix had virtually no brand recognition in Japan. But through consistent earned media exposure from press releases and strategic outreach, they are now viewed as an industry leader.”

The company’s steady media coverage and growing brand cache enabled SpotMix to raise $15 million USD in a recent Series B funding round from JAFCO Asia, an influential Japanese VC firm.

“This funding round underscores how vital earned media is, not only for lead generation, but for establishing credibility with stakeholders like investors and partners,” explained Scott.

“Our Media-Empower-Pack ensures companies have the tools and support in place to maximize earned media results today while building an authoritative brand presence over time.”

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