PowerPanel Ushers in New Era of Portable Solar Power and Water Purification Solutions for Disaster Relief and Decarbonization

OXFORD, MI  – Dec 20, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) –  PowerPanel, a trailblazer in sustainable energy technology, has launched a groundbreaking portable multi-function unit – the PowerPanel Gen20 Portable. Seamlessly integrating power generation, water heating and advanced filtration into one solar-powered system, this versatile innovation promises to transform disaster relief and sustainability efforts across the globe.

Within 2 hours from setup, the Gen20 Portable can harness the sun’s rays to deliver 200 gallons of purified drinking water per hour alongside piping hot showers and crucial electricity access. All without any carbon emissions. This all-in-one functionality allows humanitarian groups and first responders to rapidly deploy critical services when disasters strike – be it earthquakes, floods or conflict.

The Gen20 Portable has already demonstrated immense value from Puerto Rico to war-torn Ukraine, offering a unique off-grid solution tailored for regions ravaged by climate events or infrastructure breakdowns. The same patented technology also powers PowerPanel’s larger solar array systems already implemented in eco-hotels and neighborhoods lacking reliable energy access.

“The Gen20 Portable is more than just a product – it’s a beacon of hope in the darkest hours, bringing light where there is none,” said Rob Kornahrens, CEO of PowerPanel. “We are changing lives by delivering essential, life-saving services powered solely by the sun. This is the future of sustainable disaster response.”

By collaborating with the world’s largest NGOs, PowerPanel is leveraging the immense potential of the Gen20 Portable to bolster humanitarian efforts across the world. This underscores the company’s commitment to driving social good through harnessing innovative technology.

Complementing the new Gen20 Portable system, PowerPanel also offers the Gen20 Integrated – a modular solar array and storage solution tailored for permanent installations. By combining solar PV and thermal in one holistic platform, the Gen20 Integrated achieves double the decarbonization and quadruple the energy output compared to traditional solar panels.

Both the portable and integrated Gen20 systems represent a monumental leap in off-grid and decentralized green energy, cementing PowerPanel’s dedication to empowering communities in need and fostering resilience regardless of infrastructure constraints.

About PowerPanel

PowerPanel is pioneering sustainable energy solutions focused on developing innovative products that address pressing needs in energy, water and environmental systems. With a priority on versatile and scalable technology, PowerPanel aims to drive decarbonization and make a positive ecological impact globally. Learn more at www.powerpanel.com.

SOURCE: PowerPanel

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