CPR Cell Phone Repair Expands Its Reach with New Store Opening in Chula Vista

CHULA VISTA, CA – 25/02/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In the bustling city of Chula Vista, California, a new beacon for electronics repair excellence has emerged with the opening of CPR Cell Phone Repair Chula Vista. Strategically located at 1750 E Palomar St, Suite 4, this new outpost stands as a testament to the burgeoning demand for expert repair services in the digital age. At the helm of this venture is Shabir Rupani, a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich background spanning over a decade in the cell phone repair industry. His journey to this point has been marked by an unwavering commitment to technical proficiency, community engagement, and the pursuit of excellence.

CPR Cell Phone Repair Chula Vista distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive suite of repair services designed to meet the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy population. From the latest smartphones and tablets to laptops and beyond, the store is equipped to handle a wide array of electronic maladies. Whether it’s a shattered screen that needs replacing, a battery that refuses to charge, software that’s gone awry, or a device that’s facing more intricate technical hurdles, Shabir Rupani and his team of adept technicians are prepared to tackle these challenges head-on. Their approach combines meticulous craftsmanship with swift service delivery, ensuring that every customer leaves satisfied.

Shabir Rupani expressed his enthusiasm about joining the CPR network and serving the local community, stating, “Joining the CPR network marks a significant milestone in my journey. I’m thrilled to leverage my industry experience to benefit the Chula Vista community. Our partnership with the local Chamber of Commerce is a testament to our deep-rooted belief in community integration and service. We’re not just here to repair devices; we’re here to forge enduring connections with our customers.”

Beyond his professional endeavors, Shabir is a person of varied interests, with hobbies that include playing poker, following sports, and indulging in golf. This blend of professional drive and personal hobbies reflects his belief in the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, a philosophy that permeates the culture at CPR Chula Vista. This balance ensures a relaxed yet professional atmosphere within the store, making it a welcoming space for customers to bring their valuable devices for repair.

Operating hours for CPR Chula Vista are designed to accommodate busy schedules, with the store open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Sunday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The team can be reached at 619-392-5737 or via email at chulavista@cpr-stores.com for inquiries or to schedule repair services. Further information about CPR Chula Vista’s offerings is available on their website at https://www.cellphonerepair.com/chula-vista-ca/.

CPR Cell Phone Repair, under the umbrella of Assurant (CPR by Assurant), has carved a niche for itself as a leader in the electronics repair industry. With a reputation bolstered by its top ranking as the no. 1 franchise for electronics repairs in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500, CPR operates over 500 locations across North America and beyond. The franchise’s success is built on a foundation of providing same-day repair and refurbishing services for a vast range of personal electronic devices, from cell phones to laptops, gaming systems, digital music players, tablets, and more. Founded in 1996 in Orlando, Fla., and now a proud part of Assurant, Inc. (NYSE: AIZ), CPR’s legacy of innovation and service excellence continues to grow. For more details about CPR by Assurant and its services, visit www.cellphonerepair.com.

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