UXLINK and OKX Web3 Wallet Forge New Frontiers in Decentralized Social Integration

SINGAPORE -24/02/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In the realm of Web3 social infrastructure, UXLINK has emerged as a pioneering force, introducing a revolutionary model of “Real World Social” and “group” interactions. From February 2nd to February 16th, UXLINK partnered with the OKX Web3 wallet for a dynamic two-week campaign, marking a significant milestone in the integration of decentralized social protocols with mainstream digital wallets.

During the campaign’s duration, the synergy between UXLINK and OKX Web3 wallet witnessed remarkable growth, with over 230,000 new OKX Web3 wallet addresses being generated and linked to UXLINK. Impressively, these wallets exhibited a token asset deposition rate exceeding 70%, boasting an average asset value of over $70 USD equivalent in tokens, resulting in a cumulative value of $11 million. This surge in adoption reflects a global trend, with users hailing from more than 100 countries and regions, spanning across Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Europe, and the Middle East. Notably, the campaign achieved a remarkable 42% new registration/UV ratio, underscoring the inherent trust and efficiency fostered by real-world social connections and group interactions.

UXLINK Protocol stands at the forefront of decentralized real-world relationship social protocols, empowering decentralized applications (DApps) with unparalleled access to a myriad of social resources. Leveraging both on-chain and off-chain social data, including user account information, social relationship graphs, social tags, and relationship recommendations, UXLINK Protocol facilitates seamless integration and cross-chain interoperability for DApps. This integration accelerates DApp development, enables cross-chain functionality, and streamlines social data aggregation across diverse scenarios, enhancing user experience and business outcomes.

As UXLINK enters the third phase of its “Odyssey” airdrop campaign, it introduces enhanced features such as multi-wallet registration, binding, and check-in functionalities. Participants are incentivized to invite friends, with additional token rewards up for grabs. With participant numbers surpassing 40,000, UXLINK gears up for the official launch of the $UXLINK governance token airdrop in March, further fueling its community-driven growth.

With over 3 million certified users and 74,000 active groups, UXLINK has solidified its position as a cornerstone of Web3 traffic and protocol-based infrastructure. Looking ahead, UXLINK remains committed to fostering collaboration with developers and ecosystem partners, opening its protocols, and expanding its suite of Web3 infrastructure services tailored to diverse social scenarios.

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