Jessi Park, President of Inspired Insurance Solutions, Announces Debut Book in ‘Soul Beneficiary’

The insurance entrepreneur’s first book will serve as a memoir and industry guide

Maitland, FL – Today, Jessi Park, the president of Inspired Insurance Solutions, announces the debut book in “Soul Beneficiary”. Jessi Park is an insurance entrepreneur, marketer, mother of two and now a published author. Her debut book, “Soul Beneficiary”, a memoir and industry guide, is due to land on shelves early 2022.

Park’s book aims to serve others who also hold aspirations of shifting to a life of career and company building. The budding author and entrepreneur aims to teach readers that, with the right mindset and much determination, they too can overcome obstacles and self-doubt to better both their careers and their personal lives as well.

The book will further dish on just how the insurance and financial industries harbor much potential in which professionals have yet to fully tap into. Her step-by-step guide will lead readers through the process of obtaining their licenses and all the way through to closing on their first sale. Along the way, the Park will also offer an inside look into her personal journey too.

“I followed the typical path that we are sold on. You go to college, rack up debt etc., but it wasn’t until I was laid off from my corporate job and fell into bad times that I found insurance,” Park said. “I quickly realized that this career field has a low barrier to entry, is a fraction of the cost of college and makes the most millionaires out of any other sector in the world.”

Park’s “Soul Beneficiary” releases early next year, at most retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

About Jessi Park & Inspired Insurance Solutions

Jessi Park is the Founder and President of Inspired Insurance Solutions, LLC, which consists of hundreds of agents nationwide. In partnership with Healthcare Solutions Team (HST), Jessi helps new agents get up and going and navigate over 200 carriers and 2600 products. She has taught the “Good, Better, Best” method to thousands of agents nationwide and helped countless agents start successful careers.

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