One Smart way to Cybersecurity: GITSN Releases the Detection System against Cyberattacks, Eavesdropping and Spy Cameras

The Korean company is equipped with cutting-edge technology to prevent cyberattacks.

Seoul, Korea – Modern warfare is better expressed by the term ‘cyberwarfare’. That means that the level of information technology is the key in dictating who wins the next war. As cyberattack and eavesdropping are often seen in the information war, each country is intensely seeking better technology to gain competitiveness over potential intrusion.

It is becoming extremely difficult to detect intrusions when the spy chip is being brought in to the data center through a supplier. This renders the traditional security systems useless and will leave data centers vulnerable to wireless hacking attacks. If an insider is involved, one can meddle with the detection device in advance knowing when and how the screening process will be conducted.

It seems the screening process is not quite similar in South Korea. GITSN is Korea’s leading Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) company with 22 years of experience. They have been providing counter-surveillance solutions to a number of government entities including the police and the military as well as major Korean corporations. GITSN’s R&D focuses on creating detection system against eavesdropping, wireless hacking and spy cameras.

Its ‘24/7 Intelligent Eavesdropping Detection System (SMART-D)’ can be installed in office areas and conference rooms to provide the work environment entirely free of eavesdropping threat. Also, its user-friendly interface offers easy and efficient management of its systems.

GITSN’s recent development detects potential threat of wireless hacking attacks via spy chips. This new ‘Wireless Hacking Detection System (ALPHA-H)’ will finds spy chips that can infiltrate your private network. It not only scans the perimeter in real time for abnormal radio frequency signals, but it can also trace and locate the source by cross-measuring the signal strength between multiple detectors.

The Korean company, led by Dr. Han, Dong Jin, is equipped with cutting-edge counter-surveillance technology and continues to provide solutions to its customers. Their patented ultra-wideband (UWB) signal detection technology is a proof of their technological prowess, only matched by similar technologies from six other countries worldwide. GITSN seeks to create a safer society where your information is well-protected.

War on spy cameras: TSCM company to go public in the Korean stock market

Last year, the counter-surveillance company came up with an idea that their technology, with a little modification, can be applied to detect and prevent the usage of illegal spy cameras from public places. Their newly launched ‘24/7 Hidden Camera Detection System (ALPHA-C)’ scans the area in real time for any source of heat being emitted from the spy camera and analyzes its heat signature. Whether it is an ordinary spy camera, switchable camera, micro-size camera or wirelessly-controlled camera, this brand-new technology will be able to detect the illegal device.

Dr. Han, the head of the company, said “GITSN’s motto is ‘to be virtuous rather than being just good’, meaning we can and will make the world a better and safer place with our technology. GITSN’s growth will bring upon a healthier society.”

The company is looking to list on the Korean stock market this year. “Last year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we reached our all-time high revenue figures, and this year the numbers are expected to double,” the CEO said. “With the rapid growth of the TSCM industry, we expect to see a lot of new customers and investors both domestically and internationally” he added.

Due to their 20+ years of innovation, GITSN has received many honorable awards from the Korean government, including the Presidential Award for Future Unicorn Company in 2020. For more information, visit

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