Melon Announces the Launch of its NFT Trading Platform for Social Media Stars

London, UK – Melon has announced the launch of its NFT trading platfor for top social media stars from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitch. They are now selling their viral content as NFTs on this new platform.

Melon is the first-ever platform to turn popular digital content into rare digital collectibles for fans to collect, trade, and redeem exclusive rewards against. Creators are able to transform their top social content into valuable digital assets, whilst fans can share in their favorite influencers’ success.

The Creator Economy is ripe for disruption. The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology is opening up new avenues for both creators and fans to earn and monetize content.

In this space, we’ve recently seen TikTok announce an upcoming NFT collection of iconic content from a selection of its top creators. This lets fans collect the viral moments that broke the Internet and re-sell them for profits, whilst creators earn directly from their content – both from the initial as well as all future sales.

Up until then, it wasn’t possible to truly and verifiably own a piece of online content; it could be copied, duplicated, and altered at will.

With the advent of NFTs, fans can now be the verified owners of pieces of digital content – such as their favorite influencer’s most viral TikTok.

Previous sales of social content and Internet memes in NFT form have shown there is demand for owning authenticated pieces of content from top influencers.

These have included Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, sold for a whopping $2.9m; along with internet memes Nyan Cat and Doge sold respectively for $590k and $4m. More recently, other viral memes such as the ‘Disaster Girl’ and ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ have been sold as exclusive NFTs, for eyewatering amounts.

New NFT platform Melon builds on this initial validation, and expands the concept to all types of social content – TikTok and YouTube clips, Instagram posts, Twitch streams, and more.

The first-ever platform to launch viral NFTs

Melon innovates by opening up a new category in the NFT market: viral NFTs, assets that are both viral in nature and scarce in supply. The more viral a piece of content is, the rarer and the more valuable it becomes as a collectible NFT.

Combining social media virality with the scarcity created by NFT technology is what makes Melon stand out in the market. On Melon, top social moments from major influencers are sold as rare digital collectibles.

All pieces of content on Melon are existing, viral and iconic social moments that can’t be replicated and created over and over again out of thin air. The demand for these social posts is proven and validated by the views, likes, comments and impressions before they are turned into limited-edition NFTs.

These are the unique moments that set trends and sent shockwaves throughout the Internet, by the sheer volume of views and engagement and by virtue of their cultural significance in today’s digital world.

Over 100 major influencers chose Melon to turn their content into rare NFTs

Melon works with an impressive roster of global talent, each individually onboarded to the platform to guarantee quality and provide the best curated experience for fans and NFT collectors.

The platform has already signed 100 top influencers with a combined reach of 250 million+. The selection of top talent who chose Melon to turn their iconic moments into rare collectibles is impressive. What is also appealing is the utility attached to the NFTs.

NFTs supercharged with utility

As an example, a fan who collects a rare NFT from one top tier influencer could get a ticket to LA for a meet and greet. They will get to shoot a TikTok with the influencer – a major value-add since their content receives millions of views. Another NFT unlocks unreleased merchandise items and song for the collector.

A star athlete and Super Bowl champion also has signed up to Melon, offering his NFT holders a face-to-face personal training session. This is once more a unique benefit which cannot be accessed from anywhere else.

Transforming the Creator Economy

What Melon offers is a radical step-change compared to current, centralized creator platforms. In the centralized paradigm, creators’ content is locked inside the walled gardens of big tech companies which capture most of the value generated by the content.

In contrast, Melon operates on open standards and is a cross-chain platform. There are no restrictions on how creators choose to monetize their content and no censorship, either. This also means that assets created and sold on Melon can talk to other platforms and freely proliferate throughout the decentralized web.

Melon’s vision is to bring all top social assets from across the decentralized web together in one, easy-to-use interface.

Built for scale and eco-friendliness

What’s more, the platform runs primarily on the Polygon network, a scalable and energy-efficient alternative to Ethereum. This avoids hefty “gas fees” for users and lowers the impact for the environment.

For the first time ever, fans can trade viral NFTs on an efficient and eco-friendly platform that gives them the best experience of the top curated social content on the Internet.

In short, the Melon launch is set to be one of the biggest in the NFT space this year, one that will transform the way creators monetize their content as well as giving them new ways to connect with fans.

About Melon

Melon is the platform of choice for creators who want to engage with fans in new, revolutionary ways and monetize their top social content as rare NFT collectibles. Melon lets fans own influencers’ iconic social moments as digital collectibles, which they can trade, earn from, and redeem exclusive rewards against.

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