Hansamkora’s STS Water Tank Has Been Designated As an Excellent Procurement Product of Korea, Recognized for Its Innovative Technology

Seoul, Korea / December 06, 2021 / Hansamkora Co. Ltd, as an innovative product supplier, located in Gimje city, Jeollabuk-do province, South Korea, manufactures and provides water tanks and clear wells by using stainless STS444 and STS329LD which are highly resistant to intergranular corrosion, pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking or SCC.

Stainless steel contains a certain amount of chromium that prevents the iron from rusting. Stainless blocks oxidation by preventing the intrusion of oxygen and oxides in the air with its oxidation-proof coating, for which it shows a high level of corrosion resistance and hygiene. This unique characteristic of stainless steel is what Hansamkora successfully took advantage of in its product development.

Especially its ‘channel-type STS-lining water tank for smart water management’ was selected as one of the 2nd innovative prototypes by the Public Procurement Service which evaluated yet-to-be-commercialized innovative products that can improve public services based on their potential for public use, social value, innovation, and marketability. Hansamkora improved the hygiene of the water tank with a channel-type stainless lining that prevents water from stagnating around training walls or corners in the concrete tank, which is monitored in real-time with a water quality instrument to immediately respond to a problem. This smart product is well-acknowledged for its contribution to public safety.

Companies with an excellent procurement product designated by the Public Procurement Service get an opportunity to supply the product to necessary organizations through a private contract, etc. They can also participate in a variety of support programs such as Korea ON-line E-Procurement System (KONEPS), expo, and the foreign procurement market pioneer program which were designed to facilitate their entrance to domestic and foreign procurement markets. Hansamkora’s ‘STS water tank equipped with siphon with spinning filter’ and ‘STS cylindrical wave water tank that creates wave-induced swirl flow’ is registered as excellent procurement products. Its ‘STS water tank equipped with siphon with spinning filter’ provides clean water by removing particulate matters including dirt and sand in treated water through a siphon with a spinning filter. Plus, it prevents damage from strong wind to exterior materials thanks to its use of the compression flange method. Hansamkora’s ‘STS cylindrical wave water tank that creates wave-induced swirl flow’ can be installed within a building just like existing rectangular water tanks. In addition, this innovative water tank offers the benefits of using a cylindrical water tank, boasting structural stability and S-shaped mixed fluid flow

Hansamkora was chosen as a company in the ‘take-off’ stage by Jeollabuk-do province. On July 21, Mayor Park Jun-bae of Gimje city announced seven winners of the ‘2021 Jeonllabok-do growth ladder program to foster SMEs’, each of whom is designated as a growing company, a company in the take-off stage, or a leading company. The support recipients were selected out of 47 influential companies in the province by the provincial government, Jeonbuk Technopark, and Jeollabukdo Business Agency.

With its water tanks designated as an excellent product and innovative product through a strict evaluation and selection process, Hansamkora is proud of its technological competitiveness and is now trying to enter overseas markets as well. Hansamkora said that against the backdrop where many countries around the world show interest in residential water, it would increase efforts into global business expansion with its products which have completely solved the problems of existing water tanks.

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