BlockApps and Tokeni Pioneer the Future of Green Investments with the Launch of the First Carbon-Neutral Silver Token

NEW YORK, NY – 30/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an era where technology and sustainability converge to create innovative solutions, BlockApps strides ahead with a groundbreaking venture that redefines asset tokenization through a green lens. In an ambitious move, the company unveils its latest achievement – the introduction of the Carbon-Neutral Silver token (CNS), a pioneering project realized on the Ethereum blockchain. This initiative, born from a strategic alliance with Tokeni, a key player in the realm of asset management and blockchain integration, represents a landmark achievement in marrying the cutting-edge capabilities of blockchain technology with environmentally conscious practices and the tangible benefits of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization. BlockApps, known for its previous collaborations with industry giants such as United Airlines, Shell, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Deloitte, Google Cloud Platform, Bayer, BHP Billiton, Ticketmaster, and John Hancock, now takes a significant leap towards sustainability.

The CNS project introduces a novel concept in the digital realm: each silver token crafted by BlockApps symbolizes one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. This digital representation is backed by physical 100 oz silver bars, which undergo rigorous audits, are fully insured, and are securely stored under the vigilant care of Tokeni. This innovative approach not only democratizes the ownership of silver bars but does so in a manner that blends the security of tangible assets with the flexibility and accessibility offered by digital platforms. Moreover, the Carbon-Neutral Silver tokens find a home not just on the Ethereum blockchain but also on BlockApps’s bespoke Mercata Marketplace, which is powered by the STRATO Mercata blockchain, offering a diversified ecosystem for token purchases.

Kieren James-Lubin, the visionary CEO of BlockApps, expresses his enthusiasm about this venture, stating, “The launch of the Carbon-Neutral Silver token is a monumental stride in our journey. It leverages the transformative power of blockchain to make silver, a valuable asset, accessible to a broader audience while simultaneously addressing pressing environmental issues. This is a definitive step towards integrating all real-world assets with blockchain, achieving a seamless blend of technological innovation and environmental stewardship.”

The Carbon-Neutral Silver token is ingeniously designed to incorporate the Mercata Carbon Blended Tonne, an advanced tokenized carbon offset mechanism. This innovative feature ensures that nearly 67 kg of carbon emissions are neutralized for every troy ounce of tokenized silver, thereby contributing to a wide array of global environmental projects. These projects span diverse renewable energy sectors, including Wind, Solar, Hydro, Agricultural, and BioMass, collectively offsetting more than 2,140 tons of carbon emissions for each ton of silver tokenized. This significant environmental impact underscores BlockApps and Tokeni’s shared commitment to fostering sustainability and making real-world assets more accessible and environmentally friendly.

This collaboration between BlockApps and Tokeni is built on a foundation of shared values and vision, aiming to bridge the gap between digital and physical assets in a sustainable fashion. The launch of the Carbon-Neutral Mercata Silver token is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology not only to revolutionize how we interact with real-world assets but also to promote a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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About BlockApps

BlockApps emerges as a trailblazer in blockchain technology, specializing in the tokenization of real-world assets. With a mission to usher in the next billion users into the blockchain era, BlockApps facilitates access to unique and valuable assets. Its esteemed clientele includes Microsoft, Bayer, Amazon, Ticketmaster, the Blockchain for Energy consortium, and various government entities, including the City of Reno, showcasing its broad impact and reach.

About Tokeni

Tokeni, an initiative by the Aronov family, aims to revolutionize access to the precious metals market through strategic partnerships and the innovative application of blockchain technology. With a legacy that spans over seven decades in the real asset markets, Tokeni and the Aronov family bring to the table an unmatched depth of knowledge and a dedicated commitment to enhancing the value and accessibility of precious metals.

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