MetaMinds Group and NFTrends Forge a Luxurious Future in the Metaverse with Strategic Partnership

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – 30/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an era where the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are increasingly blurring, MetaMinds Group, a trailblazer in providing metaverse infrastructure and solutions, has unveiled a strategic collaboration with NFTrends, a visionary company dedicated to revolutionizing authentication, ownership, and provenance tracking in the luxury and art domains. This partnership heralds a new dawn for luxury and lifestyle brands, promising to enhance customer experience through cutting-edge metaverse integrations.

MetaMinds Group, a company renowned for its ‘Metaverse as a Service’ (MaaS) model, is committed to equipping luxury brands with the necessary tools to forge their presence in the metaverse. By joining forces with NFTrends, MetaMinds is set to amplify its offerings, focusing on digital asset authentication as the cornerstone of this endeavor. NFTrends, with its proprietary suite of solutions including Non-Fungible Digital Images (NFDIs) and Digital Product Passports (DPPs), is at the forefront of securing and validating luxury items and artworks in the digital era.

The partnership is poised to revolutionize the way luxury items are authenticated and experienced in the metaverse. By leveraging NFTrends’ advanced technologies, MetaMinds aims to create a seamless blend of physical and digital verification processes. The Digital Product Passports, powered by AI-based digital fingerprint recognition technology, are designed to authenticate newly issued luxury items, enabling continuous tracking of their provenance and ownership throughout their lifecycle.

This collaboration is not just about ensuring the authenticity of luxury goods but also about redefining customer experiences in the metaverse. MetaMinds Group’s Multi-tenant MaaS architecture, combined with NFTrends’ innovative solutions, will enable real-time authentication of brand-issued digital images in the metaverse, ensuring that luxury brands can offer authenticated digital products alongside their physical counterparts.

“Our alliance with NFTrends is a testament to our dedication to elevating the luxury customer experience within the metaverse,” stated Sandra Helou, CEO of MetaMinds Group. “Current market solutions like QR codes, RFIDs, and even NFTs fall short in providing the level of authentication, ownership, and enriched experiences that DPPs can offer. We aim to pioneer this authentication for digital products, expanding into the physical domain in collaboration with NFTrends.”

Marsha Lipton, CEO of NFTrends, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the synergy between the two companies. “MetaMinds Group’s expertise in crafting immersive metaverse experiences for luxury brands complements our vision perfectly. We anticipate a fruitful partnership that leverages our combined strengths.”

The partnership signifies a major leap forward for luxury and lifestyle brands aiming to integrate into the metaverse. MetaMinds’ expanding portfolio, enriched by this collaboration, promises to deliver unparalleled metaverse and spatial web services. These services aim to foster scalable and sustainable growth, enabling brands to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with ease.

About MetaMinds Group:

MetaMinds Group, an award-winning ‘Metaverse as a Service’ technology firm, specializes in guiding luxury brands through their metaverse journey. Offering a comprehensive strategy and infrastructure for metaverse and spatial web platforms, MetaMinds is at the forefront of building, deploying, and managing virtual environments. These environments are pivotal in cultivating engaging experiences that herald a new chapter for the internet. For further details, visit

About NFTrends Ltd:

NFTrends, a technology innovator in the Art and Luxury sectors, addresses the pressing needs for authentication, provenance, and ownership tracking. Employing Digital Product Passports and AI-driven Digital Fingerprint technology, NFTrends establishes a unique bond between valuable items and their owners. Our pioneering Non-Fungible Digital Images concept aims to redefine the digital landscape for arts and luxury brands, facilitating tokenization and fractionalization. Visit for more information.

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