Faceless to Create the First Fashion Show of the Metaverse

New York, NY – Faceless, a unique set of 2345 non-fungible tokens [NFTs], launched on Ethereum blockchain, has announced its decision to create the first fashion show on the budding metaverse space. Uniting high-end fashion, fostering community bond, and integrating technology, Faceless aims at setting up the first generation of fashion leaders in the growing NFT and metaverse industries.

With plans to launch the first fashion show of the metaverse at an undisclosed date, over 300 unparalleled and Haute clothing pieces have been designed for the FW 21/22 collection. Unprecedentedly, owning an NFT attracts the ownership of the piece of clothing attached to the specific NFT purchased.

In a bid to advance community growth, Faceless will regularly share exclusive sneak peeks, explain, in simplified terms, the production processes, and get members fully involved in the minting and launch phases. Approximately an hour before the mint, a 9 minutes live fashion show on Instagram and Discord will ensue. Displaying all the collections lined up for FW 21/22, Faceless is creating the first fashion show of the metaverse and in extension, one of the very few in the NFT space.

Another remarkable feature of Faceless is the introduction of rewards for NFT holders. Faceless holders will become part of the Faceless Maison, an exclusive group of people with access to plethoras of fashion shows across the globe. Additionally, each piece of high-end clothing holders receive will come with the NFT number. Also, all of the pieces are handcrafted and will subsequently be hand-tailored to the NFT holder’s size and as hitherto mentioned, will have the NFT number stamped on the tag.

Before the launch, Faceless will announce a partnership with one of the best designer schools in France. Owing to this partnership, these Haute clothing pieces will be created and distributed to holders, regardless of location.

Championing the proliferation of fashion shows in the metaverse and NFT spaces, Faceless will release a set of collections for the Summer 22 event. The company plans to collaborate with famous luxury fashion brands and will make the announcement a month before the launch of Summer 22. With the primary goal being to create the first-ever luxury Maison in the metaverse, Faceless hopes this will spur nascent brands to create and launch unique concepts in the metaverse.

About Faceless

The company behind Faceless through this initiative is seeking to pioneer a paradigm shift in the metaverse and NFT. Offering a set of unparalleled NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, the company tries to incentivize holders by delivering, to their respective doors, high-end luxury clothing pieces as a reward for owning a Faceless NFT.

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