Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Huawei NetEngine A800

2021 Global New Product Innovation Leadership Award

Based on the investigation and analysis of the global intelligent cloud network market, as well as the research and evaluation on related companies within the industry, Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, presents Huawei’s NetEngine A800 series with 2021 Global New Product Innovation Leadership Award. Huawei’s NetEngine A800 series contribute to accelerating digital transformation in various industries and lower relevant costs. This award is designed to recognize Huawei’s contribution to product innovation and practices in the global intelligent cloud-network field as well as in advancing the overall industry development.

According to Implementation Guide Promoting Enterprise Cloud Migration (2018-2020) issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, cloud computing embodies the innovation of service models and the development of information technology. It also reflects an important change in the development of information technology and has become an inevitable trend. In line with this trend, in recent years, enterprise cloud migration has become a topic of discussion and a choice faced by thousands of industries. Enterprise cloud migration refers to enterprises move hardware, software, and data, and other basic elements into the cloud, to reduce the cost of information technology construction, optimize the operation and management process, and reform the business development model, while quickly developing digital capabilities. Furthermore, through the effective use of cloud technology, resources, and services, cloud migration gradually integrates core business applications in the cloud, which promotes enterprise cloud collaboration, and facilitates digital transformation into the open and innovation ecology. Embracing cloud migration will help enterprises accelerate the process of digitalization, information networking, and intelligent transformation. Meanwhile, driven by the policy, the demand for cloud migration is growing rapidly. It is expected that over 90% of enterprises will rely on the public cloud in the future, and more than 70% will rely on the hybrid cloud to meet the needs of multi-cloud interconnection through single-point access. Nonetheless, the trend of digital transformation is continuing to expand the breadth of the cloud service industry while stimulating new growth in the digital economy.

However, service providers are facing new opportunities, as well as challenges when helping customers to achieve digital transformation. They need to provide the enterprise with a one-stop subscription to cloud-network products and consistent cloud and network experience while assuring data security. Consequently, in addition to basic services and technologies, enterprises demand a more agile and deterministic service experience, which has become the key element in choosing a provider.

Huawei is the world’s leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. It focuses on the ICT field and adheres to steady operation, innovation and cooperation. In intelligent cloud product area, Huawei data communication product line integrates global R&D resources and manufactures first-class products. Huawei Data Communication Product Line adopts the reliability requirements of carrier grade equipment for research and development, relies on mature IPD development process and complete software and hardware test process to ensure the quality of design, development and test links at all levels and product reliability. In order to help enterprise get better cloud service and easy access, Huawei has also built the largest automated test factory in the industry, with more than 3700 devices, 1:1 simulating the operation of the existing network, and more than 100000 test cases to ensure the quality of online equipment. Huawei put forward the concept of “five ones”. With the five capacities of “one-hop cloud access, one-network wide connection, one-fiber multipurpose transport, one-click fast scheduling, and one-stop integrated security”, Huawei gives full play to the complementary advantages of cloud and network, maximizes the value of network resources of carriers and brings surging power to the digital transformation of enterprise customers.

In order to meet the needs of enterprises for agile cloud access, Huawei launched NetEngine A800 series. As the high-end router brand of Huawei data communication product line, it serves Top 45 carriers in the global range, covering 130 + countries and regions, and becomes a synonym for high quality and high reliability. It not only provides enterprise customers with the ability to select cloud paths and real-time visualization of SLA requirement, but also ensures the security isolation of enterprise business and brings customers the embodiment of cloud-network integration. It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s cloud product is the only enterprise terminal in the industry that supports 10GE port slicing. Using network slicing technology, it can realize the ability of “one box of N lines” and carry the N special lines that traditional enterprises need to order on one Huawei cloud device. Compared with traditional CPE, Huawei’s ability of network slice isolation, SRv6 one hop to the cloud and intelligent operation and maintenance makes Huawei cloud cost-effective, which is deeply concerned by enterprises. Huawei cloud also supports code scanning login and DCN start. Installation and maintenance personnel can realize business card and Plug-and-Play after one-time arrival. In the operation and maintenance process, it supports the unique flow detection technology iFIT of the business, which can realize real-time visualization of service quality at application level and fault location at minute level. It can also cooperate with Huawei SDN controller iMaster NCE to carry out real-time tuning of SRv6 cloud path, ensure no damage to the business and bring convenient, fast and pressure-free customer service process.

Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Leadership Award aim to commend outstanding companies in various fields around the world that continue to transform and make breakthroughs in technological innovation and bring value to customers, and pursue excellence. Frost & Sullivan believes that Huawei has extraordinary all-round professional capabilities. Through its global layout and customer-first data center network solutions, it provides efficient services to customers, assists in the digital transformation of enterprises, and contributes to the society. Based on rigorous review, analysis and comprehensive research, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to recognize Huawei NetEngine A800 series for 2021 Global New Product Innovation Leadership Award.


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