Ingerson Capital Partners Releases the Report on ‘The Nikkei Upwards Momentum Continuing Into 2022’

London, UK Recently, Ingerson Capital Partners has Released the report on ‘The Nikkei Upwards Momentum Continuing Into 2022’. According to Ingerson Capital Partners, the Nikkei is predicted to retain its upward trajectory into 2022, as a continued rebound in corporate earnings would likely overcome lingering concerns about global inflation and prospects of improvement in the pandemic situation.

Ingerson Capital Partners experts anticipate the benchmark 225-issue Nikkei average will rise to 34,000, a level not seen since March 1990 and an 18% increase from the exchange’s final trading day of 2021. The downside is projected to hold firm at around 26,000.

“We are expecting profits to climb by around 10% in fiscal 2022, and equities to rally even if growth is limited to only 5%. The Nikkei Average enjoyed its highest year-end close in 32 years in 2021 after some volatility throughout the year due to the pandemic.” Matthew Price, Head of Capital Markets at Ingerson Capital Partners, said. “This is a positive sign for our company and the year ahead, as the main exchange prepares for a restructure in early April aimed at improving corporate governance to attract international investors,” he added.

Listed companies are expected to boost their pretax profit by 8% to 10% in the fiscal year ending in March 2023, according to experts at Ingerson Capital Partners.

The consumer price index in the United States jumped 6.8% from a year ago in November, the most significant increase in over 39 years, reflecting a supply chain crunch and boost in demand due to businesses reopening around the world. Inflationary pressures in the world’s largest economy dragged global markets lower at one point in 2021.

On the other hand, market participants are confident that the Federal Reserve will address the inflation risk in a timely manner after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell stated in November that the US central bank would accelerate the reduction of asset purchases. The Fed’s December two-day policy meeting indicated three rate hikes in 2022.

“The Fed’s approach to rapid price increases has restored market confidence because the bank was clear about the need to address the issue,” said Simon Phillips, SVP at Ingerson Capital Partners.

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