One Step GPS Has Been Inducted into the Inc 5000 List

San Fernando, CA One Step GPS, a leading US-based GPS fleet tracking solution, has been inducted into the Inc 5000 list, where it placed as number 199.

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One Step GPS – The Future of Fleet Management

Originating in the United States, One Step GPS is one of the best fleet tracking software solutions people can find, in business with more than 12,000 companies with over 100,000 devices in the field.

If people are starting a business that requires managing several vehicles at a time, it is essential that they understand how to make the best use of fleet management software that significantly improves the pace of their business and productivity. In simple terms, fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS tracking to monitor activities of fleet vehicles, equipment, and various other assets. Also referred to as AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), telematics or vehicle tracking. A fleet is generally made up of a collection of several land-based assets, like trucks, cars, trailers, and other powered or unpowered equipment (like construction or farming equipment).

Fleet tracking solutions are ideal for improving driving habits like harsh cornering and lowering the engine idling time. It also improves fuel consumption and thus, reduces the costs and usage of their fuel. It can help in day-to-day functionality like effectively dispatching their vehicles and increasing customer satisfaction.

One Step GPS is a no-nonsense, top-tier quality fleet tracking software that does not require a contract or even an equipment fee. They consistently outperform their competitors in customer service and with their low rate of only $13.95 a month, it’s no wonder that businesses are fleeing their long expensive contracts and making the switch.

Some companies make the mistake of going with a big brand name cellular data provider, thinking they are reliable and competitive in price, not realizing there are better options out there like One Step GPS – which can help people avoid being stuck in a long contract or overpaying for services that sometimes don’t even work.

One Step GPS started as an in-house solution, to get around the bad tracking options and awful customer service they kept running into in the industry. Since they know how rough it can get as a business looking for fleet tracking, they created a system that solves all of these issues in the most effective way possible. As a result, they are one of the best fleet tracking solutions out there, that can promise the greatest customer service people have ever experienced.

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