Intis Telecom Launches a New Domain Zone, IT.COM

London, UK – Intis Telecom announced the launch of a brand- new domain zone, IT.COM on November 1st 2021. The new Top-Level Domain is open for business right now at and you’ll be able to select and protect any domain name in the new zone, for example Premium domain names will be made available for sale soon.

According to Internet experts, a significant advantage of the new domain zone is that IT.COM still belongs to .com. As a result, you won’t lose traffic. This situation can arise when a website is something other than a .com. People are used to searching for things ending with .com and if you don’t have one of these, you make it harder for potential customers to reach you.

During a recent press conference about the new domain zone, the CEO of Intis Telecom, Andrey Insarov, noted the following: “Most of the great domain names across so many zones are already taken. Competition in the .com zone is particularly strong right now and having a .com presence has never been as relevant as it is today. The new domain zone will prove particularly attractive to the Italian audience and of course anybody active in the area of ‘Information Technology’ too. IT.COM provides you with an incredible opportunity to highlight your brand. It’s also a great opportunity to start a new business venture based on a really great domain name sourced from IT.COM. The IT.COM client dashboard will allow any domain owner to easily perform advanced configuration of their domains and websites, including in-built free https certificates, integration of content delivery networks, DDoS protection and other features. All legal aspects of domain ownership are clearly set out in the agreement between the client and Intis Telecom and also fall under the jurisdiction of the UK.”

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The IT.COM domain zone has been developed by Intis Telecom, a major telecommunications software supplier in London. The company specializes in the development of telecommunications software and has established itself as a leading international provider of business communications for more than ten years. Intis Telecom is a member of the GSMA, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, RIPE and ICANN.

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