Zzogri Announces Its Unrivaled Technology

Seoul, Korea – ‘Zzogri’ of Edenview Inc., specializing in the production of convenience equipment for work in Korea, has been garnering global attention with its unrivaled technology. It has been recognized for its expertise and ability to develop new market by actively exporting to Japan, the U.S., Canada, and European countries and playing a role in creating the Korean Wave. In particular, Japanese customers praise for its high-quality and exceptional features that help continuous export of the product by local Japanese brand called ‘ジョグリ’ (Zzogri).

Zzogri is a convenient chair for the user who needs to squat while working. It has become a must-item since more than 3 million Korean farmers use three or four chairs every year.

In particular, President’s wife Kim Jeong-sook used it when she was engaged in volunteer work in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do Province, in 2017. The Zzogri of Edenview is very easy to attach and detach as it is worn like a belt around the waist. In addition, its safety belt doesn’t make the users fall on their buttocks since its sitting cushion is fixed on their body to secure its safety. Due to its lightweight and portability, it was selected as an excellent invention by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Zzogri has gained much popularity among Korean farmers. That explains why the product has been distributed to farmers through the public institution’s support project to prevent farmers’ musculoskeletal diseases. In addition, it received the Grand Award in the category of agricultural equipment for the convenience at ‘The best brand for empathy in Korea award’ for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

An official of Edenview said, “Our product is excellent for overseas gardeners and auto mechanics. We’re planning to advance into more countries in the future. Also, we’re actively looking for various investors and overseas sales agencies.”

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