Revolutionizing Crypto Investment in Korea: The Launch of ELANN.AI

ZUG, SWITZERLAND – 17/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In an era where the digitalization of financial markets is more than just a trend, it’s a reality, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of investment research marks a significant leap forward. Amidst this revolutionary shift, the Korean cryptocurrency trading community stands on the cusp of a new dawn with the introduction of ELANN.AI. This innovative AI-agent, developed by the Swiss-based fintech company SMART VALOR, is now making waves as the first of its kind to offer services in the Korean language, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

As artificial intelligence continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible, transforming the landscape of numerous professions, concerns about its impact on employment have emerged. Despite these concerns, there’s an undeniable upside to the rise of AI, particularly in fields requiring the meticulous gathering of information, the crafting of detailed reports, and the making of informed decisions. Herein lies the value proposition of ELANN.AI, a state-of-the-art AI agent designed to supersede the role traditionally held by research analysts in banking and asset management spheres.

The function of a research analyst, crucial in assisting investment managers in pinpointing lucrative investments and timing the market accurately, is a demanding one. Yet, for private crypto investors who typically lack the support of a dedicated research analyst, navigating the complex waters of investment opportunities becomes a solo venture. This often involves a significant time investment in research, with the ever-present risk of making ill-informed decisions leading to suboptimal investment outcomes. ELANN.AI emerges as a solution engineered to address this precise challenge.

Designed to emulate the rigorous process a human research analyst undertakes, ELANN.AI delves into the vast sea of news surrounding specific tokens. However, it doesn’t just aggregate any news; it applies a sophisticated analysis based on 6,000 quality and relevance criteria to filter out the noise and identify truly pertinent information. This ensures that investors receive executive summaries that distill key insights, eliminating the need to wade through a deluge of information. Moreover, ELANN.AI enhances its offerings by examining price actions, summarizing recent price movements and their underlying causes, and supplementing its analyses with charts and other relevant data to offer a holistic view of the token’s market position.

The launch of ELANN.AI in Korea represents a significant milestone, not just for SMART VALOR but for the Korean trading community at large. The majority of crypto research and news has historically been dominated by English-language sources, leaving non-English speakers at a disadvantage. With the introduction of this Korean language-based crypto market intelligence app, Korean traders now have timely access to critical market insights, potentially leveling the playing field.

Smart Valor’s strategic decision to expand its offering to the Korean market, following the successful launch of ELANN.AI in the Western market late last year, underscores the company’s commitment to global inclusivity and innovation. The move is timely, coinciding with a growing demand for sophisticated investment tools among both individual investors and institutions. Last month’s announcement of a partnership between Bithumb and Smart Valor to integrate ELANN.AI into their Wallet Burrito platform is a testament to the app’s value proposition. With more wallets and exchanges poised to onboard this groundbreaking AI-Agent, the future looks promising.

In celebration of this landmark achievement, SMART VALOR is incentivizing engagement with the ELANN.AI app through a series of user rewards for downloads and reviews. Further cementing its commitment to the Korean market, the company is organizing a trading competition featuring its proprietary token, VALOR, set to be listed exclusively on Bithumb in the coming weeks.

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