Sovryn Revolutionizes Bitcoin DeFi with the Launch of POWA and Runes Protocol

LONDON, ENGLAND – 15/03/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a groundbreaking development within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, Sovryn, a frontrunner in the DeFi space dedicated to Bitcoin, has unveiled its latest innovation—POWA, a token that pioneers the integration of the revolutionary Runes protocol. This cutting-edge protocol introduces a novel approach to creating fungible assets directly on Bitcoin’s blockchain, presenting a paradigm shift away from traditional methods such as BRC-20 tokens. The introduction of Bitcoin-native tokens like POWA heralds the dawn of BitcoinOS—a comprehensive operating system poised to expand Bitcoin’s utility beyond a store of value into a robust platform for diverse financial applications and use cases.

Crafted by the esteemed Bitcoin developer Casey Rodarmor, the Runes protocol is a significant leap forward from the BRC-20 standard. It leverages an ingenious UTXO-based model that synergizes with Bitcoin’s underlying architecture, effectively curbing blockchain bloat. This innovation brings forth several advantages, including expedited transaction processing, reduced operational costs, and obviating the need for a separate protocol-specific token—enhancements that streamline the user experience considerably.

POWA not only stands as a testament to technical prowess but also embodies the spirited culture and humor inherent to the Bitcoin community. The token’s nomenclature cleverly nods to Bitcoin’s “Proof of Work” mechanism, celebrating the ingenuity and dynamic nature of blockchain development. Beyond its meme-inspired veneer, POWA represents a milestone in blockchain technology as the inaugural Rune to be actively traded, paving the way for a vibrant ecosystem where users can accrue POWA through a variety of engagement avenues, including staking, trading on Sovryn, and active participation across social platforms.

Edan Yago, a key figure within Sovryn, shared his insights on the launch: “The introduction of POWA is merely the first step towards tapping into the immense capabilities of Bitcoin as a foundational layer for tokenization. With the Runes protocol, we’ve unlocked a method to seamlessly bridge tangible assets and digital tokens to Bitcoin’s unparalleled secure and decentralized framework.”

The advent of Runes is set to redefine the landscape for developers and entrepreneurs eyeing Bitcoin as a foundation for their projects. The successful deployment of POWA is a beacon for the industry, signaling the viability of issuing Bitcoin-native tokens and assets that are scalable, efficient, and economically viable. The Sovryn community eagerly anticipates the expansion of the Rune ecosystem, with additional tokens expected to be introduced and traded on the platform in the near future. This strategic move reinforces Sovryn’s status as the premier destination for trading innovative Bitcoin-based assets and financial instruments.

Prospective participants are encouraged to explore the opportunities presented by POWA by visiting the dedicated website, where they can begin accumulating points towards their POWA allocation.

About Sovryn:

Sovryn stands at the forefront of Bitcoin DeFi, boasting over $2 Billion in trades. The platform recently announced the introduction of BitcoinOS, a bitcoin compute superlayer designed to be the most comprehensive DeFi platform for Bitcoin users. Operating on the Rootstock Bitcoin sidechain, Sovryn offers an extensive suite of non-custodial, permissionless smart contract solutions tailored for borrowing, lending, and margin trading within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Additionally, Sovryn is pioneering the Sovryn Dollar (DLLR), an innovative, aggregated, non-custodial bitcoin-backed stablecoin. With the debut of POWA and the Runes protocol, Sovryn is solidifying its position as a leader in the sphere of Bitcoin DeFi innovation and tokenization.

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